Satirical Movement Metal

Arbeitsgruppe Lobotomie


31.05.2024 – Ballonfabrik Augsburg
17.11.2023 – Music Club Munich München
08.07.2023 – Backstage Club München
17.02.2023 – Backstage Club München
20.01.2023 – Soundcafe München


arbeitsgruppe lobotomie spontisSpontis

“…The boys and girls could only beat that by blowing up the hall. That was a truly magnificent show, professionally performed and totally exciting.”

Arbeitsgruppe Lobotomie Orkus

…NDH with heavy guitars as well as contrasting voices, ballet and beats make for memorable sounds as ‘Satirical Movement Metal’.”

A detailed review and an amusing interview can be read in the March edition.

musikreviews arbeitsgruppe lobotomie

“…the music always seems like a play. As a result, ‘Unerhört!’ also has something of a drama, but packaged in music instead of being presented in classical dialogue.”

amboss mag arbeitsgruppe lobotomie
Amboss Mag

“You don’t change the world on the sofa, even though the music makes me think right now on the sofa and I’m thinking about how I’m going to wrap the package with this record in order to send it to Lindner and Merz with pinpoint accuracy.”

sonic seducer arbeitsgruppe lobotomie
Sonic Seducer

“The Bavarian formation indulges in a solid mix of NDH guitar and synthetic dark wave flair, which also comes with a high earworm factor.”

Most recent video

See the magical images and listen to the heavenly tunes of AGL’s latest song: Euthanasie

Motion pictures:

Visit the internet-theatre of AGL. You will find a plethora of other films for an evening with the family. Enjoy some culture around Satirical Movement Metal.

New single: Euthanasie

Since 12.05.2023 there is euthanasia of the working group lobotomy on all art-despising music portals! Of course appeared at the data octopus Youtube also the associated moving pictures. This time it is about the forest!

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New Album: Unerhört!

01 – Intro
02 – Euthanasie
03 – Gefühle
04 – Spalter
05 – S.T.A.S.I.
06 – Abgründe der Lust
07 – Tanz
08 – Kriegsenkel
09 – Du
10 – Lebendige Ersatzteillager
11 – Hoffnung
12 – Ich kann nichts dafür

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180g coloured vinyl including mp3-code

About Arbeitsgruppe Lobotomie (AGL)

The AGL presents Satirical Movement Metal at its best.
Catchy melodies and Marcus’ heavy guitars combined with rhythms to dance to provide a solid base for political or social critique in shape of Bakunin Eisner’s and Luna Tick’s emotive or sarcastic vocals.
Satire that’s uncompromising in its approach to and discussion of important issues.
And if you’re still unconvinced, Ina Baller offers you a multifaceted live-performance including modern and ballet-style dance.

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The Band

The AGL offers satirical movement metal at its finest.
Catchy melodies and Marcus’ hard guitars in combination with a danceable rhythm form a solid framework for clear political or socially critical lyrics. These are carried sometimes soulfully, sometimes ironically by Bakunin Eisner and Luna Tick to the inclined listener’s ear.


Provocatively dressed satire that does not mince words and also asks uncomfortable questions. And if that’s not enough, you get to see a live performance with the versatile dance of Ina Baller.

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